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raw food detox diet


…finding Natalia Rose’s book.


















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well this is what doc has told me for yrs about food .. in america we eat too many processed foods. me included but i do enjoy the fresh foods in thier natural state.

Thanks for sharing

Judy Morgan

good for you!!
It’s great that your family is doing it with you.
I love the saying, “He who has no time for healthy eating has time to be sick!”


green lemonade… Yum!!


Thank you, Deborah.
..yours also looks really awesome.
Love it. 🙂

I think you will love the book. 🙂
..surprisingly, my whole family, and especially my husband, has jumped on board with me. That, to me, is shocking. I never dreamed they would. It sure makes it easier, that’s for sure. 🙂
A lot of times when I am reading a book, I will highlight areas that I want to remember and that I want to go back and read again. Some of those I’ve read to my family, and that helped them to want to try to eat healthy. 🙂
Good luck.

Just realized this was your NEW website, Alisia!! It really looks great over here! It’s a new year, so lately I’ve been working on mine, too, and still on Blogger, for now. Thanks so much for sharing about this book. I’ve been wanting to eat more of a raw food diet, but hubby tends to turn his nose up at it! Not me … I’ll eat, or drink, anything if it makes me healthier! He’ll come around … I just know it! I did go on a food-combining ‘diet’ once, and I remember feeling so good. I know I need to get started on it again. So glad it’s working for you, too, that is, after that initial feeling of illness! I’m going to go find a copy of this book … my husband has trouble with digestion, and every time he starts on a detox program, he gets sick, then stops … well, hopefully this book will help encourage him to stick with it! I do worry about him! Thanks so much for sharing it … oh, lol, and your cookie recipe in the previous post! I know he’ll really like those … me, well, I’d like to try that ‘green lemonade’ first!! 🙂 You have a blessed weekend!

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