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motherhood . collaberation #5


together with my sisters Charla and Mandy.

Being a mother to the most amazing kids is one of my very favorite things.

..and also one of the hardest.

and though i fail and make mistakes and don’t know what i am doing

most of the time,

i wouldn’t trade it

for anything.

notes like this,

well, they mean a lot.

so very much.

i have a little box for sweetness like this.

and with permission…

my recent love note from my precious daughter:

“Dear Wonder Woman,

I love you way more than I show and act!!!

I am so so sorry I act the way I do sometimes!

I don’t know what gets into me,

I just feel like I’m right

and you are wrong,

but that is so not true!!

and again I’m sorry!!!

I love you, Daddy, Tyler and Tanner

so much and without all of you

I would die

inside and out.

Love you forever

and always,


…ok, now i need a box of tissues.

makes me cry every time.

she is the sweetest, dearest girl I know.

an angel.

almost. 😉

love her to the moon and back.


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Judy Morgan

Love this post!
What a sweet note from Linessa! –a keepsake for sure!

Stephanie S.

Awww…Moments like that make all the other worth while! So sweet! Our kids have a lot of influence on us,too! They make us want to become better people!

That is so so sweet. I hope my daughter will be that sweet in about 10+ years (because she’s already pretty darn sweet 😉 Thank you always for the warm, truly touching thoughts and images you share!

What a sweet love note. I love that she called you Wonder Woman:)

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