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Baby Titus l Springfield Missouri Family Photographer l Alisia K

Titus is just the cutest and sweetest little fella.

It’s no wonder his Grandparents adore him.

Even at 6 months,

you can see how much he loves them in return.

His beautiful, blue eyes follow his Uppa and Emma’s every move.

Sadly, Titus had to move with his family

halfway across the country,

leaving his Grandparents more than a little sad.

*Uppa is Yupik Eskimo for Grandpa,

and Emma is Mongolian for Grandma.

His Grandparents spent years ministering

to the people in Alaska and Mongolia.

The stories of their time there are so fascinating.

I just loved this adorable, well-loved teddy,

who’s been a part of the family for a few generations.

“…he was a friend to my two sisters and me for at least 55 years.

He lost his first set of eyes at different times,

but our Mom gave him a new set with extra buttons she had on hand.”

~Titus’ Emma

Baby Titus was so very good,

despite the very warm temperatures,

drenching us all in sweat. ; )

..I’m not complaining, though.

I love summer so much. : )

“A memory to treasure includes

an old quilt, an old teddy bear,

and a grandson.”

~Titus’ Emma


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Aw, what a cutie. 🙂 these are so special!

Judy Morgan

What a cute little boy he is! Love those bright blue eyes.
You can tell that his grandparents adore him and you did a great job Alisia capturing it!

He is so cute! I just want to squeeze him:)
You did an amazing job on these pictures!

Judy Morgan

What an adorable little boy he is!
So sad that he’s moving so far from his grandparents.
Great job Alisia!


Very simple and understated but so nice. Great job.

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