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Inspiration Monday

My sisters are my biggest inspiration.
My youngest sister,  Mandy is crazy talented.
Her mind is always buzzing with so many ideas,
even she can’t keep up. : )
Before photography,
she painted murals and beautiful portraits,
& also worked as a graphic design artist.
Her children are featured a lot in her photography,
and they are so adorably sweet.
Her home is full of handmade goodness,
& her beautiful artwork and photography.
I am so blessed to have her in my life,
for she is also one of my very dearest friends.

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You make me wish I had a sister! Lol! This is a sweet picture Alisia:)

Love what you wrote! She is amazing and so are you!


Oh thank you sis!
You are all these wonderful things to me as well.
Love you dearly! xx

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